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Event Job Showdown Tournament | January

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Swords clash. Fists meet. Arrows strike.
Two warriors of the same class and prestige.
Who shall fall hard? And who shall stand unvanquished?


Introducing [Job vs Job] Showdown! Warriors of the same class fight to death until one reaches ascension.
If you believe that you are your class’s greatest warrior then let us invite you to a tournament that will prove your claim!


This monthly event is a 1 VS 1 job-specific competition to know who’s the worthiest in an array of talented players of a particular job class.
Clash with your own kind! This event is a class-specific showdown between Champion, Lord Knight and Assassin Cross in a match-based system.

We'll enlist 16 players of a specific job. Registration will take place in Dewata (@go 32).
An announcement will be made few hours In-game and Discord before the event started.

Job: Champion, Lord Knight and Assassin Cross
Date: January 08 | Starts at 10:15 PM (server time) onwards.


Prove yourself to those who challenge your grit and strength. Stand triumphant or die trying, the choice is yours, fellow warrior.
If you win, you get the crown and you get to brag your title as the strongest warrior of your class! When will you stop watching in envy and take on the challenge?
The throne of the gods await you.

Champion Headgear (Exclusive)
Worth 75$ of Donation

3x Job Coupon
5x Golden Gachapon Ticket
1x Event Headgear Box (New)
5x Costume Coupon
1000x Credits

Make sure to read the full rules and mechanics of this event.

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