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Update Changelog | 01-22-2023

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Whats up Rebellions!
Below are the changes made for Rebel Gaming. Please make sure to read everything and understand to prevent confusion and clarifications in game.

Run your PATCHER or Download the Manual Patch to connect.
In case that you encounter client errors or cannot connect, the team will provide a Manual Patch.
Download Link: https://rebelgaming.gg/pages/download

New Implementations:

  • Added Dragonforce Weapons
  • Added New Donation Equipment (Beta)
  • Added New Bonus Point Headgears
  • Added New Vote Headgears
  • Added New Playtime Headgears
  • Added New WoE and KoE Headgears

Game Improvements:

  • KoE and WoE Points now gives 1 point per minute.
  • Increased Event Points reward from alll the Mini-Games event.
  • Reduced Battleground players requirements from 10 to 5.
  • Reduced World Boss Monster kills requirements.
  • Bloody Branch Thanatos now drops card at 0.10%
  • Removal of Christmas Events
  • Re-enabled the Timed PK Area
  • Biolab 3 Cards are now enabled in GvG Area (Beta)
  • New Lotti Rewards!

Bug & Fixes:

  • Fixed New Custom Weapon Effect Bug
  • Fixed New Accesories Slot Bug
  • Fixed Icarus Hit Effect from + to - Bug
  • Fixed Wrong Item Effects & Description from last Patch.

Next week update will be focused on Monster Arena, Battleground, New Quests and GvG Rewards.

We would love to see you in game, inquiries and the likes will be entertained by our GM's.
Rebel Gaming.

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