Server Features

List of all the custom features we have here in Rebel Gaming. You can check out our Server Information if you wish to learn more about the settings.

Custom Features
Automated Events Bombring, Poring Catcher, Cluckers, Dice, Disguise, King of the Hill, Last Man Standing, Find the Mushroom, Poring Puncher, Stop the Clock, Novice vs Zombie
Exclusive Events Invasion, Claw Game, Lotti Girl, Party vs Party, Agit Lords, PK Tournaments, Seasonal Rewards
Farming Area Branch Room, Gold Room, Monster Arena, MVP Arena
Quests Token, Break The Seal, Custom Weapons, Headgears, Wings and more.
Achievement System Enabled
Daily Rewards Enabled
Playtime Points Enabled
PvP Points Enabled
KoE & WoE Points Enabled
Bank & Credit System Enabled
Vending Management Enabled
Anti-Bot System Enabled
Custom NPC's
Healer Job Changer
Skill & Stats Reset Platinum Skill
Rental Breeder Warper
Card Remover Broadcaster
MVP Arena Costume Maker
Branch Room Emperium Tester
Staff Checker Gold Room
Playtime Shop PvP Shop
KoE & WoE Points Shop Mall
Stylist Training Ground
Vote Shop Donation Shop
Guild Manager Siege Manager
Milestone Job Costume
Name & Gender Changer Plagiarism
Box Trader

Guild Migration

Looking for a brand-new server? Want to have the best experience? All guilds are welcome here and we'll make sure that you will receive a package that will help you kick-start your journey.

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An automated matchmaking feature where you can battle it out on whose better at defending their flags! Make sure to join in!

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WoE & KoE Reward System

On your quest to being the owner of all emperium, we will make sure that the time and effort you allotted will be rewarded. As the saying goes, "Time is gold".

PvP Bet System: Party vs Party

If you love to gamble or show the people you are the strongest then this system might be for you. A system where premade parties will clash, and players will bet on who they want to win!

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Guild Tournaments

Mostly hosted by Admins/GM An event where your guild can participate to dominate other guilds and receive exciting prizes!

Custom Instances

To make sure that all players inside the server will have fun, we created instances that doesn't focus on competing, but making sure you explore with your friends. You can go hunting and many more!