Refer a Guild

We all know that Rebel Gaming is a new and a growing server, so as much as we can we would like to invite players that'll make our community bigger and more fun! In case you know an existing guild/team that you think would like to be part of us, it'll be very good for us if you help us let them know that we want them on board by referring our server!

Of course, your help will not be put to waste for we will reward your efforts! Below is the list of the qualifications that you have to follow so we can formally honor your referrals!


  1. Kindly share the server website or page to different guild masters and try to invite them for better understanding of what the server is like.
  2. The referral person(you) must be listed on the Guild Migration Form to be filled out by the Guild Leader of the migrating guild. This is to certify that you are the one who invited them.
  3. The referred guild will go through Rebel Gaming's Guild Migration Process for the Admin team to determine if they are qualified and eligible for the Guild Package.
  4. Once approved, the referral person(you) must be present and with the Migrating Guild during the awarding of the package in order to claim your referral reward. (Please check the information below regarding the Referral Rewards.)
  5. The Migrating Guild must be active and participate in Rebel Gaming's War of Emperium.

Rewards for Referring a Guild