Server Information

Hi Rebellions! Having trouble picking a server? We invite you to play Rebel Gaming. Well here's an informative introduction into the Rebel Gaming! The server encourages a friendly and lively community. Players are expected to be vocal while still abiding by the server's rules. Rebel Gaming is an evolving server - meaning that we are not limited to what we are featuring right now, it's a guarantee that we will have more fruitful updates in the future. We would love to see you in game, inquiries and the likes will be entertained by our GM's.

Server Type PK Server
Episode 13.2: Into the Unknown
Max Level 255/100
Max Stats 255
Max ASPD 197
Instant Cast (Dex) 150
Max Storage Capacity 600
Max Party Capacity 20
Max Guild Capacity 76
Max WoE & KoE Capacity 24
Max Character Slot 15
EXP/Drop Rates
Base & Job EXP 10,000x
Drop Rate 1,000x
Normal Card Drop 10%
MvP Card Drop 5%
Rare Card Drop 1%
Other Information
Multi-Client Enabled
Anti-Hack Systems ADelay Systems
Gepard Shield 3.0
Server Host OVH @ Singapore
Timezone GMT + 8
In-Game Commands
General Commands

Allows receiving whisper from a player

@allowwhisper <char name>


Allows receiving whisper from everyone


Enables to loot specific items in this command

@alootid +<item name|ID>
@alootid -<item name|ID>


Makes items go straight into your inventory

@autoloot <on|off|#>


Manage a list on autolooting item types

@autoloottype +<type name>
@autoloottype -<type name>


Blocks receiving whisper from a player

@blockwhisper <char name>


Blocks receiving whisper from everyone


Displays all available commands.


Warps you to a city

@go <city name|number>


Opens your guild storage


Shows item information (type, price, etc.)

@iteminfo/@ii <item name|ID>


Displays your remaining jail time.


Shows a fancy chat over your head.

@me <message>


Shows monster information (stats, exp, drops, etc.)

@mobinfo/@mi <monster name|ID>


Enable/disables trading from other players

@noask <on|off>


Enable/disables kill stealing protection

@noks <on|off>


Displays current server rates


Refresh your screens


Send a message to all the online GM

@request <message>


Display/hides delay from re-casting skills


Display/hides gained experience from monsters


Display/hides gained zeny from monsters


Opens your storage


Stores all equipped items


Stores all inventory items


Display current server time


Warps you to any map

@warp <map name> {<x> <y>}


Shows where the monster spawns

@whereis <monster name|ID>


Shows list of monsters who drops a specific item

@whodrops <item name|ID>


Increase agility stats


Increase dexterity stats


Increase intelligence stats


Increase luck stats


Increase strenght stats


Increase vitality stats

Custom Commands

Refresh your screens automatically

@me <seconds>


Displays attendance windows


Displays/hides attendance windows every logged in.


Join/warps you to current mini-game events.


Displays player list from MvP hunting system.


Warps you to NPC location

@npc <npc name>


Enable/disables packets from different skill and items.

@packetfilter <on|off>


Displays your current points

@points <param>


Displays your remaining premium time.


Displays player list from PvP.


Enable/disables your account from doing any transaction


Displays/hides items on the floor

@seeitems <on|off>


Configure your automated commands every logged in.


Shows party buffs from party windows.


Displays your current Treasure Hunting quests


Warps you to training grounds.


Instantly deleting items when dropping

@trash <on|off>

Market Commands

Allows you to vend whiel you are offline


Warps you to the Market, Mall & Vending area.


Allows you to create a clone of yourself with a chatroom

@marketclone '<chatroom title>' '<message>'


Removes the clone that was created by the @marketclone command


Displays a list of vendors who buys the item you specified

@whobuy <item name|ID>


Displays a list of vendors who sells the item you specified

@whosell <item name|ID>
@whosell +<refine> <item name|ID>
@whosell [card ID]

Client Commands

Displays/hide lite graphic plugin


Display/hides cells to indicate the range of an AoE skill.


Displays/hides a colored circle around your character to determine maximum casting range.


Displays/hide a colored square around your character to determine cells amounts.

@square <on|off|<1-14>>

Battle Commands

Shows your kills and deaths information


Changes the guild leader.

@changegm <char name>


Changes the party leader.

@changeleader <char name>


Allows you to use Guild skills via command.

Battle Orders : @guildskill BO
Regeneration : @guildskill RG
Restore : @guildskill RS
Emergency Call : @guildskill EC


To join from Battlegrounds queue.


Warps you to the King of Emperium arena


Transfer the leadership to any member.

@leader <char name>


To leave from Battlegrounds queue.


Displays/hides NPC, PvP or BG announcements


Shout a message to your Team

@order <message>


Enables/disables PK status


Displays/hides players with active PK status


Report someone who is afk/idle on Battleground arena.

@reportafk <char name>


Nominate/vote a member to become the new leader.

@voteleader <char name>


Warps you to an active War of Emperium agit.

Duel Commands

Accepts a duel invitation


Starts a duel

@duel <char name>


Invites a player to a duel

@invite <char name>


Leaves a duel


Rejects a duel invitation

Pet/Homunculus Commands

Displays information about your Homunculus, including stats and Intimacy points


Displays your current Homunculus stats as well as the possible values at max level


Makes your homunculus say a message

@homtalk <message>


Makes your pet say a message

@pettalk <message>

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