Guild Migration

Are you and your mates planning to look for a new server you can play in but hesitant because of the time to be spent in starting from scratch?


Below are qualifications and requirements to meet in order to be qualified and eligible to acquire Rebel Gaming's Guild Migration Package. Please make sure to read and understand properly to prevent problems:

  1. The guild must understand that the package is NOT to make you WoE-ready but to give you and your members help in order to level-up and make yourselves WoE-ready.
  2. Any interested guild, REGARDLESS of ACCOMPLISHMENTS/FOLLOWERS must understand that migrating to Rebel Gaming will make you and every other guild, equal. You are to be deemed accountable with whichever actions you perform. All sanctions will be the same for everyone. There will be no special treatments.
  3. All participating/migrating guilds are expected to show politeness and are to behave appropriately according to the rules about punishable actions. Toxicity and Bad Game Etiquette shown from any of the members of the guild in-game or in any Rebel Gaming supported platform will have the guild master penalized and to deal with consequences. You are guild masters, you must be aware of the behavior of your members. The guild masters themselves are not exempted from the rules and punishments for we will not hold back to dismiss you or your guild mates from the server.

    What are some of the actions that are considered to be toxic?

    • Being involved by any means in Real-Money-Trading (RMT). Being involved by any means in Real Money Trading (RMT).
    • Economic Sabotage
    • Spreading false information about the server and the Administration Team.
    • Bug Exploiting instead of reporting
    • Being reported by more than 20 players in a week (Reports will be reviewed thoroughly and to be seen in a neutral point of view and must require sufficient proof to prevent bias and thoughts of favoritism)


  1. The Guild must have at least 15 active members EXCLUDING the Guild Master.
  2. All members must be online during the transfer and awarding of Guild Packages.
  3. All members must be level 255.
  4. For small guilds interested to apply with less than 15 members, an interview is to be done to verify the legitimacy and the intent of the guild.

Below are contents of the boxes to be awarded.

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